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Voice & Text: 541-990-2485

Our phone lines are staffed from 8AM until NOON Pacific time, Monday thru Friday.

Due to medical issues with his vocal cords, Spud is currently voiceless and is handling tech support via email or text only. Text messages to our company phone number above (pictures too!) go directly to him for quick answers back.

Email inquiries:

We receive dozens of phone calls and email requests every day seeking tuning advice and troubleshooting help. Since we are in business and our time is limited, we must focus our attention first on revenue generating activities and supporting customers. If you just need to order parts, try out our fantastic Webstore.

Shipping & mailing address:
Fuel Injection Enterprises, LLC
1710 Independence HWY NW
Albany, Oregon 97321

We do not have a retail storefront on premises.
Visitors by appointment only

Online Payment:
You can submit a secure credit card payment to us anytime you like. The access URL is available to customers upon request and is included with every emailed invoice.

Restocking Fee Policy:
We only charge a "restocking fee" (generally 6% or less) to recover the cost of processing your credit card. There is no restocking fee applied for returns on purchases made with cash or check. If you made a purchase with a credit/debit card, we paid as much as 3% of the total on your invoice to the credit card company just to process your transaction. Issuing a refund will incur another similar charge. We don't mind at all if you change your mind, but the bottom line is, we can't lose money every time you do. To avoid paying this fee on returned parts, we're happy to issue STORE CREDIT for the FULL amount that you can use here anytime.

All shipments:
Please include a note in your package containing the following information:

If your job is a RUSH, please call or email in advance to ensure that we can meet your required date.

If you are shipping to us from outside the United States, you must specify the "Free Domicile" classification for your shipment. We cannot pay duties, taxes and fees for the honor of servicing your equipment. If duties, taxes and/or fees are levied against us for your shipment, we must charge you back for these costs.

If you are sending a band-clamp style magneto and the lower drive doesn't need any attention (the gear looks fine), there really is no need to send the whole thing - the generator (top portion) is all we need. If you would like to include the transformer, we're happy to test those with your mag. Please include the cap and rotor so these can be cleaned and inspected to insure your mag performs to its potential.

Pack your mag carefully! The best method to pack a mag: Roll it up in cardboard so that the mag is contained in a rigid "tube". Stuff crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap in each end and fold the ends inward. Tape the ends up good and then pad and separate this from the transformer. Wrap the transformer in bubble wrap or a smaller box inside the main box if you can.

If you do send an entire mag, tape a few layers of cardboard over the gear end of the lower drive to keep it from poking out of the box during the trip. We're happy to test your plug wires, but unless you are wondering about their condition, there is no need to send them.

Fuel Systems:
Since most fuel system pieces are made of brass or aluminum, they dent and ding very easily! To protect your components during their journey, pack your pieces in smaller, separate boxes and put all of these boxes in a larger box. If things can move inside, they will get skinned up. Use rags, newspaper or bubble wrap to occupy any free space in the boxes so things don't move. Separate things so they don't beat on each other during the trip.

Typical items needed to flow and/or recondition your setup:

Remember, we are a dealer for Enderle, Waterman, FAST, etc. If you are putting together a new setup and need a few pieces, no problem - we probably have them in stock!

We don't need your blower or blower manifold. If you ship us your stack injector, we don't need the stacks. In most cases, we don't need your nozzle lines. If you question their integrity, send them along and we can test them and fix/replace if required.

In order to flow your fuel system or calculate tuneup info and achieve the most accurate results possible, we'll need a bunch of information from you. Please print and fill out the appropriate questionnaire below as best you can and send it to us with your hardware. You could also "cut and paste" this info into an email and send it to: Or, you could FAX it to: 541-205-4706.

Don't worry if there are items on the questionnaire that you don't know. Do the best you can and if we need to, we'll call you to discuss your setup.

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