EFI Services

    Performance Flow Matching - We can precisely check the output of EFI injectors static (wide-open), and at the standard 80% duty cycle, or any conditions you specify. By comparing static flow rates with the rates at lower duty cycles, we can evaluate pintle spring health and electrical properties, as well as the machined characteristics and spray pattern. We don't modify injectors, but can find the best matched subset for you from a larger group. A fully detailed report is included.
    Standard Test/Clean Service - We pickup injectors from local repair shops at the end of the day and can return them first thing the next morning in most cases. This service includes:
  • Output flow precisely measured (pre and post cleaning) *
  • Spray pattern assessed before and after cleaning
  • Injector bodies checked for leaks
  • More than a DOZEN different tests are performed on each injector before AND after cleaning.
  • Thorough external cleaning
  • Internal filter basket replaced
  • Top and bottom o-rings replaced
  • Internal cleaning: All injectors are variably pulsed and reverse flushed in a heated ultrasonic bath of proprietary chemicals.
  • A full report that includes flow figures at static and 80% duty cycle (before and after cleaning) and all other measurements and observations. Included is a recommendation as to which injectors (if any) should be replaced.

* Any injectors that flow more or less than 4% are cleaned a second time and rechecked.

We don't charge for injectors that need to be replaced! You don't pay for any injectors that have body leaks, are electrically dead, or are high or low in output by more than 4% at the standard 80% duty cycle. In order to achieve the lowest deviation within a set of injectors, you might choose not to use the highest flowing injector. We won't charge to process anything you shouldn't reinstall in the vehicle.

In the event that one or more injectors are in need of replacement, we can deliver quality reconditioned units. In many cases, a parts store replacement item will not be exactly the same as the original. For the most accuurate match, we recommend a tested, cleaned, reconditioned, identical core. These units are exactly the same as the originals. They exhibit the same flow characteristics and are usually about 1/2 the cost of new injectors.

We use the best!
ASNU Flow testing and cleaning equipment is recommended by: BOSCH
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