Cam Cruncher

Input Information

Description Input Example
Intake Opens 31
Intake Closes 71
Exhaust Opens 75
Exhaust Closes 27
Intake Lobe Lift .432
Exhaust Lobe Lift .456
Intake Rocker Ratio 1.68
Exhaust Rocker Ratio 1.52
Intake Lash .020
Exhaust Lash .025


What does this thing do? Given the input above, it will tell you: Overlap, duration, intake & exhaust lobe center, lobe separation, and lift at the valve.

Some cam cards don't tell you useful things like overlap or lobe separation. What if you don't have a cam card at all? If you just have a dial indicator and can check the actual lobes for opening and closing (you do that when degreeing your cam anyway, right?), you can input the events here and generate your own cam card!

  • If the event information was taken at .050" lift, then the duration and overlap reported will also be at .050"...the same way cam cards report their data.

Scripting by Spud Miller

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