Magneto Service

We recently purchased the entire magneto manufacturing business from Mallory Ignition. We are now the home of the Super-mag and Sprintmag! We also service and upgrade other brands of magneto such as MSD, Vertex, Wico, Harmon & Collins, etc.

We perform check-ups, service and rotation changes to MSD Pro-Mags including the 20 amp upgrade for ProMag 12's.

Do you have an old mag laying around that could use an output upgrade? We can upgrade any Super Mag II or III to a IV or V. Hop-ups and output upgrades are no problem.

We can DOUBLE the output of your standard OAC (internal coil) Vertex mag very economically.

Pick up an old mag off Ebay and need the rotation changed and things freshened up? No problem!

Complete inventory of new Super-Mag/Sprintmag parts in stock as well as upgrade pieces for MSD and Vertex mags.

Super-Mag/Sprintmag "loaners", brand new units and used refurbished models available for sale.

Custom Build-ups: We can take any core (yours or ours) and build it up into a mag that is exactly right for your appplication.

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