FIE Acquires Mallory Magneto Product Line

I'm thrilled to announce that we've just finalized a deal that's been in the works for a while. Fuel Injection Enterprises has just purchased the entire magneto product line from Mallory Ignition. This includes all the magneto-specific inventory, equipment, tooling, trademarks, etc. associated with the Super-Mag and Sprintmag line of products. Mallory Ignition was in search of a partner who would be able to take over their magneto business and be committed to servicing the customer base they'd built up over the last 40+ years. We're proud to say that's us!

When the dust settles in a couple of weeks, we'll ramp up manufacturing here to ensure having plenty of parts in stock when the 2012 season arrives. We'll also begin putting together brand new FIE Super-Mag and Sprintmag systems for on-demand shipment.

Please note that these products will no longer be marketed with the Mallory brand. While existing items in the current inventory are branded with the Mallory logo and can be sold as such, new items manufactured by us will be branded as FIE components.

As owner, I'm determined to do more than just manufacture and maintain stock of the magnetos and service parts. I want to grow the product and bring new capabilities to the Super-Mag and Sprintmag. We have quite a few ideas for making the Super-Mag and Sprintmag even more reliable, powerful and versatile in the years to come. We also plan to resurrect a few components that have been recently discontinued.

The mechanical injection side of the shop remains as busy and committed as ever to providing fast, excellent service while the magneto side of the business expands and grows to meet the needs of the many Super-Mag and Sprintmag customers worldwide. We'll also continue to service/upgrade ANY brand of magneto. By integrating the equipment used by Mallory Ignition here at our shop, we'll be even better equipped to provide the highest quality work with the quick turn-around you've come to expect.

This is an exciting time for us and we're looking forward to your business in the years ahead.

Best regards,
Spud Miller
Fuel Injection Ent., LLC

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