Why service your injectors?

When your trusty vehicle is finally in need of an overhaul or top-end service, don't forget the fuel injectors!

Fuel injectors are a precision electro-mechanical device and their proper operation is crucial for good fuel economy and optimal performance. Here's why...

Vehicles equipped with electronic fuel injection continually "sniff" the exhaust gasses and make constant adjustments to the amount of fuel entering the engine. When an injector becomes partially clogged or inoperable, the computer senses an average "lean" condition and compensates by delivering more fuel to all of the cylinders. This corrects the average, but the problem cylinder is still lean and now all of the others are too rich! This means that none of the cylinders are running efficiently. Fuel is wasted and performance and drivability suffers.

Your vehicle runs the most efficiently when the output of all its fuel injectors is the same.

Example: A four cylinder engine that should normally deliver 22 miles per gallon:
If one injector is 8% low in output, total fuel mileage could suffer as much as 9% or nearly 2 MPG!

Fuel Injection Enterprises standard service:

Cleaning: Injectors are pulsed while reverse flushing in an ultrasonic bath of proprietary cleaner.
Reconditioning: Internal filters and o-rings are replaced with top quality products.
Flow Testing: Four precision flow tests are performed on each injector.

For just a fraction of the cost of new units, our standard service restores injectors to their best possible condition and identifies any problems. You'll receive a full report with the results of all flow tests - before & after cleaning.

Our opinion is that the maximum acceptable spread over a set of injectors (from lowest to highest) is 4%. We don't charge for any injectors that are still outside of this range after cleaning - they should be replaced.

You have nothing to lose!

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