Customer Information Questionnaire - Supercharged

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Day phone:

Evening phone:

Billing address:

Shipping address:

Vehicle Type:

Type of Racing (Drag, sprint, mud, etc.):

Course Length (1/4 mile, 100', etc.):

Engine make and type:

Engine size:


Fuel pump make and model:

Pump flow GPM @ RPM:

Pump drive (belt, cam driven, etc.):

Blower make/brand:

Blower size:

Is the blower case standard bore?:

Standard or high-helix rotors?:

Blower Exit type (open bottom, delta, delta-retro, etc.):

Rotor seal condition (fresh, used, worn, etc.):

Blower pulley teeth:

Engine pulley teeth:

Hat Type (Bug, bird, buzzard...):

Barrel Valve type (cube, k-valve...):

Nozzle type/brand:

Hat nozzle sizes and quantity:

Are there nozzles in the back of your blower or all in the hat?

Port nozzle sizes:

Hat size (bug, bird, shotgun, etc.):

Exhaust type (collector or zoomie):

Static compression ratio:

Aluminum or iron heads:

Head brand:

Head porting detail:

Valve sizes:

Head intake/exhaust CFM flow:

Cam type (solid roller, flat tappet, etc.):

Cam lobe center:

In. & Ex. duration @ .050":

Intake valve closes (@.050"):

Ignition type, make, model:

Clutch or converter?

Converter stall RPM:

Vehicle weight:

Rear gear ratio:

Transmission low gear ratio:

Rear tire diameter:

Launch RPM:

Shift RPM:

Finish line RPM:

Lowest typical density altitude:

Highest typical density altitude:

Desired baseline density altitude:

*Density altitude is a combination of temperature, barometric pressure and humidity.

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