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PDF Instruction Sheets and Schematics

Super-Mag & Sprintmag

Super-Mag General Info
Super-Mag/Sprintmag Instructions
Super-Mag II,III,IV and Sprintmag Schematic
Super-Mag V / + Schematic
Start Assist Schematic for Super-Mag II,II,IV and Sprintmag
Start Assist Schematic for Super-Mag V / +
Adapter Ring Pro Plugs

Magneto General Information

Impedence test values for common mag coils
Static timing or Buzzing in a mag
Magneto Timing Mechanism Instructions
Timing Mech example schematic - 12V
Timing Mech example schematic - AIR
Rev limiter Schematic - Crank Trigger
Vertex OAC Rev limiter Schematic - Hall-effect
External Coil Rev limiter Schematic - Hall-effect


Tach Signal Kit: Vertex Mag
Tach Signal Kit: Cross-Top Style
Tach Signal Kit: 2-Pin Style
Solid Core Plug Wire Instructions
Suppression Core Plug Wire Instructions
24V System Relay
Heavy-Duty Relay and Socket
Stack Tachometer Manual
4-Channel Time Controller Instructions
CO2 Cooling Instructions
Tach Pulse Generator - External coil mags (obsolete)
Tach Pulse Generator - Internal Coil Vertex (obsolete)

Crank Trigger Pickups

Crank Trigger Pickup Instructions
Crank Trigger Pickup Troubleshooting
Change-over/Kill Box
Change-over/Kill Box with POWER GRID
Rev limiter Schematic
Multi-step Rev Limiter Schematic
Rev Limit with Lean-Out Valve Schematic

Kill Switches

Enclosed Kill Switch Instructions
Panel Mount Kill Switch NC - Relay Kill
Panel Mount Kill Switch NO - Mag Kill
Change-over/Kill Box
Kill Relay - Puller


Old School EFI - SBC/BBC
Old School EFI - Mopar
EFI Butterfly Adjustment Instructions


Supercharged Cube-Valve System
Supercharged K-Valve System
Basic Naturally Aspirated System
Naturally Aspirated Tunnel Ram System
FIE Metering Valve Features and Port Map
Pressure Memory Kit
Hydrometer Kit Instructions
Hydrometer Specific Gravity Chart
Enderle Check-valve Spring Chart
4-Channel Time Controller Instructions
4-Station Fuel Valve Manifold

Old Mallory Stuff

Original Super-Mag II - 1973
Mallory Mini-Mag
Super-Mag II Installation Instructions
Super-Mag V (points)
Super-Mag VI Electronic
Super-Mag VI Specs
Super-Mag VI and VII
Super-Mag Electronic w/9V Box
Super-Mag Electronic w/rechargable Box

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